Saturday, July 8, 2017

Cherry Blossoms in South Korea~!

Talking about spring here, two things come into mind - Cherry Blossoms and Yellow Sand. Of course, the former is the desirable one, and the latter is the downside of the long-awaited season. Nevertheless, I am glad to have experienced some magnificent views of cherry blossoms... and yellow sand as well. LOL!

Cherry blossom festival is enjoyed by both locals and foreigners, so be ready to face squeezing in crowds with 99% of local people! Seriously they go nuts with what they have every year!

@Kyunghee University - one of the best sites for cherry blossom viewing in Seoul~
TIP: Come as early in the morning as possible, for after 10am the roads and everywhere would be crowded with groups of people and selfie sticks.

A canopy of cherry blossom tree
 @Seokchon lake - another popular site at Gangnam area, and so crazy crowded with people! You might mistaken them for going to demonstration but no, it was for flowers! With that, up-close shooting of the blossoms is almost the only choice here, and glad I did manage to catch some to satisfactory. :)

@Lotte Tower

@Jayu Park - last but not least, had a great snow-like cherry blossom view at Jayu Park in Incheon. No awesome shots here, but the experience was amazing~~ It really felt like snowfall ^^

Sakura Canopy~!

Next year, it would be more wonderful! :D

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