Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Enchanting Jeju Island

A late post from vacation trip during May earlier this year.

Made it to Jeju Island which was a mix of excitement and disappointment. Disappointment was with, the very awesome waterfalls but yet unable to go near - only to be watched afar like a television. However, there are even more spectacle natural heritage of Jeju that will make you want to go back again!

Chilseonyeogyo @ Seven Nymphs Bridge  
Cheonjeyeon Waterfall
Cheonjeyeon Waterfall - this was so far, only seeing it as small as our palm 
Inspiration - how small humans are in the eyes of mother nature

My awesome travel partner :)
An attempt to get a self-portrait with long exposure :P 
Cheonjiyeon Waterfall
Seosokkak Sanctuary - The clear blue-green colors were amazing
The Grand Canyon!
Well.. of Jeju Island! The impressive natural heritage of Yongmeori Cliff did blow me away!
The essence of this trip... walking through this spetacular rock formation and admiring the natural artwork of nature

In hopes to be there again, attempting hiking up Ilchulbong and Hallasan! 

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Cherry Blossoms in South Korea~!

Talking about spring here, two things come into mind - Cherry Blossoms and Yellow Sand. Of course, the former is the desirable one, and the latter is the downside of the long-awaited season. Nevertheless, I am glad to have experienced some magnificent views of cherry blossoms... and yellow sand as well. LOL!

Cherry blossom festival is enjoyed by both locals and foreigners, so be ready to face squeezing in crowds with 99% of local people! Seriously they go nuts with what they have every year!

@Kyunghee University - one of the best sites for cherry blossom viewing in Seoul~
TIP: Come as early in the morning as possible, for after 10am the roads and everywhere would be crowded with groups of people and selfie sticks.

A canopy of cherry blossom tree
 @Seokchon lake - another popular site at Gangnam area, and so crazy crowded with people! You might mistaken them for going to demonstration but no, it was for flowers! With that, up-close shooting of the blossoms is almost the only choice here, and glad I did manage to catch some to satisfactory. :)

@Lotte Tower

@Jayu Park - last but not least, had a great snow-like cherry blossom view at Jayu Park in Incheon. No awesome shots here, but the experience was amazing~~ It really felt like snowfall ^^

Sakura Canopy~!

Next year, it would be more wonderful! :D

Adventures in Gyeonju

Been more than a year since my last post, and can't imagine the numerous changes that has occurred within this time! Probably one of the biggest changes in my life, for someone who is as homesick as me, I have decided to go abroad for studies. And yet to the popular-for-tourism but not-so-popular-for-studies country, South Korea.

And of course, another adventure of photography for me, yay! But reaching here, finding out that doing street photography is not very encouraging, really brings my mood down. >.< Smartphones here even have a un-disabled-able loud camera shutter sound whenever you take a photo! @_@ So, I am thankful to have one from my own country, although it is still uncomfortable trying to take street photos around, imagining you might be stared or scolded by an ahjuma or ahjussi nearby.

Anyhow, adventure is still adventure. My Nik is more for scenery shooting now. Last vacation, got the chance to visit the oldest and most historical location that we have been studying in our books for 3 semesters - Gyeongju! Loved the place honestly, a small town but with Buddhism culture and great historical sites and stretches of nature! Vow to return for discovery of the Namsan again!

@Cheonmachong Tomb - the signature of Korea, the Taeguk

@Bulguksa Temple - One of my favorite places. The aroma of Buddhism is awesome here. 

@Bulguksa Temple - the main Shrine in the temple

@Bulguksa Temple 

@Seokguram - UNESCO World Heritage Site with Bonjon statue of the Bodhisattva. The Bodhisattva statue is one of the best I have seen, with a generous smile and calming figure.

@Cheomseongdae Observatory - it is smaller than I imagined :P

@Anapji Pond - one of the highlights of the trip. Night view is awesome here, and the first time seeing many DSLR photographers flocked together (rarely finding serious phtography hobbyists here really)!

Coming up soon with more from Daehan Minguk!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Photo Aventure in Terengganu ~ by Nikon School

Admitting a bit doubtful when signing up the package to my first ever photography trip, but this is definitely worth it, for the experience and side of Terengganu that I have never been to or merely pass-by.

Welcome to Terengganu! This is the latest icon for the state, the Crystal Mosque by the river. 

I was honored to be able to get a hands-on lesson from Karen to perform a long-exposure shot. 

Blue hour at  Kemasik

Golden Hour at Pantai Kemasik

Sunrise at Pantai Kemasik

Dancing trees

Summer Sonata - unknown heaven

A day off at fishing village - Sbrg Marang

Nelayan lifestyle, not available in city

Parking Bay 


Work in progress - Keropok lekor

A view from the jetty

The luring steaming bath of Keropok lekor

Leisure times and great times with our little group of participants and instructors. Thanks to Nikon staff, we get to try out several lenses that they brought.. you call this "Poisoning Session"! XD

Two of our girls looking through some fun shots

Fun with Fish eye lens - you get everyone in including someone out of the scene :P

Found this initial under-exposed shot quite interesting actually!

All in all, no regrets for this trip. Although the amount to fork out was something of consideration, but I believe it was one good session with few participants yet so many instructors. It was a pity for not having participants from across the border. 
As a first photo trip organized by Nikon School, some few areas of communication was not proper (due to certain issues), however the accommodation was well taken care of, and not to forget the highlights of the trip was indeed impressing. 
First steps will lead to more distance... I am already looking forward to a next one :)

Yours Truly,
Me at Nami 
(photo by Karen)

Saturday, December 26, 2015

It's Christmas again!

 I personally don't celebrate Christmas, but can't help to be involved in one of the greatest shopping spree of the year~! And not to forget, to bring along my Nik to record some images of the Christmas deco in town!

Candy House theme at Suria KLCC

Do they taste good?

The largest Swarovski Christmas tree in Asia is exactly in Pavilion KL! Very charming indeed!

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to everyone!